Hi everyone 👋

So as you know I was looking into starting a Mommy and Me subscription book box for parent and child. 😊

So, now here is where I need YOUR help. 😉

I have ideas on what I would like to do, but would like to hear from YOU.

You can let me know anything You would like to see in the box. Any info, input, advice,ideas, you name it, just let me know!

What kind of books for the parent would you like to see?

  • Cookbooks
  • Advice books
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Young Adult
  • Romance/Contemporary/New Adult
  • Other?

What kind of books would you like to see for the children/info of the children?

  • Is your child a new born
  • 1 year old and under?
  • 2-5 years old?
  • 5-10 year old?
  • Pre-teen?
  • Teenager?
  • Boy?
  • Girl?
  • Board books?
  • Young kids books?
  • First reader books?
  • First chapter books?
  • Chapter books?
  • Other info?

What kind of items would you like to see for parents?

  • Recipe cards
  • Advice (parenting, other) cards?
  • Lip balm/soap/makeup?
  • Jewelry?
  • Adult coloring books?
  • Craft supplies?
  • Pillow cases?
  • Cups/mugs?
  • Candles?
  • Art prints?
  • Bookmarks?
  • Book covers?
  • Shirts/leggings?
  • Hair accessories?
  • Other?

What kind of items would you like to see for children?

  • Coloring books/pages?
  • Game/Activity pages?
  • Puzzles?
  • Arts & craft supplies?
  • Magnets?
  • Pillow cases?
  • Art prints?
  • Bookmarks?
  • Shirts/leggings?
  • Hair accessories?
  • Jewelry?
  • Cups?
  • Stickers?
  • Other?

Any input you have on what you would like to see is greatly appreciated!

Thank you! 😁



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