DIY Corner Bookmarks 

Who doesn’t love bookmarks? They can be fun, cute, showcase something you love, and most of all practical! And just look at these cuties!! 

And the possibilities are endless! They don’t just have to be cute little monsters! You can make minions & other characters, animals… Basically whatever you can think of. I got the idea off of Pinterest because where else would you go for DIY projects & recipes? Best part this is super easy! 

Take a corner of a piece of paper. Draw out a square on the  bottom left corner. Draw a square on top, and a square to the right. (As shown in #1). Mark out half of the top square, and again for the bottom right square, so they are triangles (as seen in #2). 

Cut out you square & two triangles. (As seen in #3). This is now your template. Trace onto construction paper (or card stock etc) (as seen in #4). 

Pencil in your lines for your square. (As seen in #5). And glue on a second piece of paper/card stock. (As seen in #6). This is your backing, it will behind your page when in use. 

Fold over one of the triangles (#7), and then the second triangle (#8). Don’t forget to glue them together! 

Then finish decorating. Glue paper/card stock across the triangle, and make eyes, teeth, wings, horns or whatever you wish out of paper! 

How easy is that? And its not just monsters! Check out these cute bookmarks 👇🏽

The only thing limiting you is your imagination!
This was originally posted on my book blog  on June 6, 2016.  


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