Water color bookmarks 

So, some of you may have seen some of the water colored bookmarks I have made on my bookstagram

My blue water colored with flowers

And my water colors with quotes

And I thought I would share how it was done. Paint you ask? Nope. Markers.

Ok, so you need paper- I used paper from my fiancé’s sketch pad. 

Water- I used a shallow bowl so I can dip my fingers in it.

Markers- I used crayola markers. As long as it’s not permenant it should work. 

A ziplock bag. 

Any other “tools” or extras.  I’ve used a q-tip with some of it. Permenant marker for the quotes & some flowers & petals. 

Ok, so first thing you want to do, is color one side of your ziplock bag with your markers. 

Splash a few droplets of water on your paper. Or dip your fingers in & touch your paper. 

Put your ziplock color side down against your water paper. Rub it in. Repeat until page is covered.

You can then color over top with marker, or use a q-tip or other tools to smudge the marker or give you another desired effect.

*note because paper is wet it may bleed through. 

Let dry completely.

Cut paper into desired size. 

Then you can write on, draw on, or add anything you would like. 

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Enjoy & I would love to see your finished product if you try this yourself. 

(This post was originally shared here on June 25, 2016 on my book blog. ) 


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