Poke Cakes 

Hi guys!! 👋

I thought i would share one of my favorite cake recipes with you all. It is so simple to do, & there are plenty of combinations that you can do too!! Who doesn’t love something easy & versatile? Am I right? 

Poke Cakes. Yup. You heard right. 

Doedon’t it look delicious?

So ingredients you will need:

1 box cake of your choice. (Water, oil, eggs as called for on box)

1 tub of frosting of your choice, or 1 tub of whip cream 

1 box of jello or 2 boxes of instant pudding of your choice. 

Any extra toppings you may like (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, crushed graham crackers, crushed Oreos, Reeses mini’s… Etc) 


  1. Make cake (or cupcakes etc) according to package. Let cool. 
  2. Make jello or instant pudding according to package. 
  3. Poke holes in cake. Can use end of wooden spoon for pudding, or something smaller for jello (toothpick, etc) 
  4. Pour pudding, or jello into holes & over top cake. 
  5. Cover with frosting. 
  6. Put in fridge to set for 2-4 hours. 
  7. Top with any additional toppings. 
  8. Enjoy. 

Seriously. I love it!! 

*Note: the jello doesn’t actually set like jello within in cake- it keeps the cake moist & flavorful. 

Like Boston Creme doughnuts? Try Boston Creme poke cake

Like Oreos? Try Oreo Poke Cake

You can also try banana creme poke cake too!! 

You can do Reeses, Twix, carrot cake, butterbeer, kahula, death by chocolate… Basically, anything you can dream up, you can make into a poke cake!! Because who doesn’t love cake? Right?? 

Let me know if you make up a poke cake in the comments below, & how you liked it! 😊

Also, if you want to see a recipe featured – send it to me. I love trying new recipes. & would love to share with all my followers!! You can comment here, on my Instagram or you can email me at mommyandmereads@gmail.com


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